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September 12, 2006


Adorable Girlfriend

We'll think good thoughts for you and Brando. Sometimes it just takes a little while to help re-assure everyone this is what you want. Who knows why this is, just is.

Congrats on the job. Accounting students will benefit from the writing lessons. Just suggest how Martha Stewart was grateful she knew how to write such nice letters from her cell.


You can be a productive member of society and still make snarky comments, you just have to do it from the corner of your cubicle.


I've been outed! I guess I'm a sucker for a woman vs. nature story. Hoping all goes well for you.

(I believe I did the same accounting gig last year. Boy, that was a tough crowd.)


That's all right, just glad to know you're stopping by. Drop a line about life in Gettysburg sometime!


Oh, God, I am trying to rustle up some business editing dissertations. I will be writing posts like this in a few months (God willing and the creek don't rise). Grateful for the cash but resentful of people who write VERY badly getting their PhDs....

keeping fingers crossed for robust embryos.


Can't figure out whether I pressed preview or post for my last message, so I'll say again: I'm sending you tons and tons of good vibes. If anyone was meant to be parents, it's you and Brando. You're both in my thoughts, as always.

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