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November 30, 2006


Adorable Girlfriend

Parents just don't understand.


Once, years ago, when I was (much) younger and just beginning to sell what I wrote, my mother encouraged me to break into romance writing. I told her that I thought I probably could do it, but I wouldn't, because doing the sex scenes would be just to embarrassing.
What I meant of course, was that imagining my mommy reading them would be very inhibiting, but I didn't say it that way.
She, then in her 80s, patted my hand and assured me that I needn't worry; she would write them for me. !


Of course, the only sensible way to handle your father is to give him a copy of the new book, with the good pages razored out, and then spy on him while he's reading it. When he gets to pages 26 and 27 (or possibly others, since you're probably not Mario Puzo), watching the frustration should make it all worthwhile.


Great story from Cheryll, too!

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