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October 20, 2007



Good grief you nearly gave me a heart attack with that title--I saw it and thought "OH NO, A BAD BETA!!!" Beautiful pictures, though :)


I also panicked a little with the title...

The pictures are just beautiful. I've been to the UP several times and am amazed by the beauty every time.


You town looks so quaint.

Do you often sing, "How do solve a problem like Barndo?..." at your house?


Churlita, Brando is a problem without a solution.

Thanks for stopping by ladies.

the other beck

I love the pictures, but THE HOUSE - how 'bout some pics of your new digs?! And Brandle's awesome office?


Beckster, the house is not yet finished being painted; stuff is all over the place. I'm hoping to get it put together this week, since we hired cleaning people and I don't want them having to weave through piles of crap to clean. When I do, rest assured, I will post photos.


Feckin' gorgeous! Both the views and Brando. I've always thought Michigan was beautiful, but the UP is, like, that squared.

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