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April 04, 2006



see, now, i thought prairie lights hadn't gotten it in yet, because when i went to look for it, it wasn't there. apparently that just means that pl sold out of it on the first day. nice work.


I feel the same way about Wisconsin....would be awfully sad to leave it at any point. I'm also sure that seeing the book after so long and so much anticipation would not be so exciting anymore. Hope that it's a good sign for you that they only had 4 copies left! I hope to get my copy soon! Great job!


That must be it, Brenda, the anticipation has just been so great.

I also stopped in Barnes and Noble last night and there was one copy left in the Fiction ghetto. I think I shouldn't go into bookstores for a while. Except there are half a dozen amazing writers coming to town in the next few weeks, so what's a girl to do?

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