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May 03, 2006


Midwestern Deadbeat

#2: Hear, hear! I must confess that I'm guilty of complaining about my thighs, but I'm totally with you on this. You know what else burns me up? Women who leave a scrap or two of food on their plate and try to pull this "Oh, I couldn't possibly..." crap. Eat the fucking piece of lettuce!

#4: Woo hoo, trailer trash! My parents used to live in a trailer park, too. But I guess that's about as surprising as the sun rising this morning.

#5: Now this is exactly the sort of thing I want to know more about. Any chance you'll ever tell more?

[Sorry if my response to #2 was offensive. Sort of.]


Some inside humor for you:

"What was that noise?"

"Nothing, that was just Becky falling to her death."


Ha Ha Brando, you crack me up. Doofus.

MWDB, first of all I am of course not offended, as I agree wholeheartedly, and second of all I will gladly tell you all about it next time we meet, should you so desire, but I have a feeling that decribing it in print would automatically make this blog a target for spiritual hucksters, in the same way that Brando's blog is a target for anyone Googling the words "circle jerk." My experience was quite odd and visceral and its effects have been long-lasting, is all I'll say for now.

Midwestern Deadbeat

Awesome! I can't wait.


I just thought of another good one. We had a pony growing up...not to many poor kids from the LC can say that!


Oh, that's a great list. I love it! Have you ever considered doing a "100 things about me" list?

And you had a pony?!


A dear friend of mine also has the birthday of April 14. Though she doesn't have quite as bad luck as you do! If it helps any, I don't like my birthday either...it always falls on Memorial day weekend, and we also tend to get bad storms around here during that time too. :) And I must agree with you on the Midwest thing....the midwest rocks! Though I'm more Great Lakes than midwest, but I'm with you on that anyway! :) I agree with Cindy....you should do a "100 things about me" list!


It's true, we did have a pony, but not in that riding-lessons-and-country-club way, more the what-the-hell-difference-does-it make-with-all-these-other-animals way.

I have some spectacularly awful photos of myself from this era in chaps and cowboy hat. Do not laugh. I can hear you laughing!


I want more #5 too!

Geez, that sounds sort of sexual, doesn't it. It was supposed to be encouraging and religious. Oops.


I, too, can claim the Trailer Trash title (Kelly escaped that one). You forgot to include "goat-cart" driver with the pony stuff. I'll bet you even fewer kids from the LC can claim that one.

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