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May 19, 2006



awww, sounds like it was a wonderful weekend. I agree, sometimes we just need to be rejuvinated with our friends. I get together with my best friend every week...we always make a point to get together. Sometimes we all just need our girls. :)

Pygmalion's Wife

Ugh to all of that stuff, especially the fruitless sticking of the ass with needles. Ouch. Glad you got to go and have some fun!


That's wonderful. Sounds like just what you needed.


Believe me, it was what we all needed!

H.A. Page

Oh my, you said it well... girlfriends are the armour of life and the thing I have missed the very most about my last two moves we have made.

There is something about being with girlfriends where souls can be bared that makes live so comforting and comfortable.


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