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June 13, 2006



Book fan #4 reminds herself that she should probably just keep her mouth shut.


You know the only way to respond will be to send her a rate sheet when the email hits, right? And make the numbers BIG.


Cool -- I have a wife, so I guess she'll type my novel for me!


No way, Cindy, Book Fan #4 is my favorite. Book Fan #4 can't believe she just heard what she heard either!


Haha! I've had several books signed, and I've tried very, very hard not to be one of these book fans. I've done okay, I guess. There was the time I ended up rambling at poor Zadie Smith about some factual inaccuracies in White Teeth, a book I actually admired a lot. I was kicking myself all the way to the parking lot. Yikes.


I miss that old man and his legal pads more than I ever imagined I would at the time.


You and me both, Mitch.

Neel Mehta

Out of curiosity, what could a Book Fan say that would impress you? As in, you might remember what they said in a good way?


Hmm. Tricky question, Neel, and not because I'm hard to impress. You mean what would make me agree to read Book Fan's work? Or what would make me think, Gee, Book Fan is so smart, and literate, I want to make her my new best friend?

For the first, I read the work of unpublished writers all the time. However, this is part of my job (either teaching or editing) and pays my mortgage, so I can't afford to do it for free, and certainly not as often as I'm asked. If Book Fan offered to hire me to edit her book, I would be happy to send her a rate sheet, as MSF suggseted, and let her know what that entails. Or I would send her a brochure for my next class. That would impress me.

If, however, Book Fan is not in the market for favors, and simply enjoyed my book, and saw the influence of such-and-such a writer in it, and womdered why I decided to make character X a man from Mars after all, that would impress me too.

Neither do I mind people finding my books in the library. Libraries have been extremely good to me.

But asking for a very large favor in one breath and announcing you won't be buying my book in the next--hilariously memorable. And not in a good way.

Pygmalion's Wife

Fine. So next time I WON'T tell you I'm not buying your damn book. LOL! Although I've been meaning to rub it in your face, dear, that you DIDN'T SIGN the copy that you sent me. As I told Bihari, "she seems so sweet but she sucks at the whole fame thing. Definitely shoulda been me."


Ah, Mrs. P, I never expected you to buy it, not with all you've got on your hands.

Now that Mr. P is not going to be "in your hair" all the time--heheheh--maybe you'll have time to write the next opus.

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