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July 16, 2006


Pygmalion's Wife

1. Plainsong too! We're twins! SQUEEEEEE! It WAS pretty good, especially the definition of the word itself at the beginning, unadorned write-like-Hemingway workshop exercise prose aside. But don't do what I did and think "huh," and go out and pay 99 cents for Where You Once Belonged on Ebay or anything. Because it'll just piss you off royally and make you feel like you overpaid.

2. Um, I read Icebergs again. Does that count? How embarassing.

3. The instructions for eighty kagillion new kitchen appliances and IKEA finds. Ugh.

4. Blogs. Have you read Her Very Own? I don't know how to make a link in a comment. It's very good.


I planned to do lots of reading this summer, but life has gotten in the way. So far, the only book I've finished is The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. I read his latest, Blink, a few months back. They were both interesting.

Next on the list is Kicked, Bitten, and Scratched: Life and Lessons at the World's Premier School for Exotic Animal Trainers. I've heard it has good tips for training husbands. :)

After that are The World is Flat and The Long Tail.

I'm on quite a popular non-fiction kick lately, if you can't tell.


I am reading "Love Walked In' by fabulous newbie Marisa De los Santos. Modern story with a touch of the old movies.


I'm actually taking a break from reading this summer. Scary thought. LOL I was on a huge chick lit kick for a while and now I think I have exhausted it and not really in the mood to read anything lately (except blogs if that counts). The last book I read was No Strings Attached by Millie Criswell. Very cute book....though a bit graphic in the "smut" department...at least for my taste.
Right now I'm mainly concentrating on writing my own book as opposed to reading others. I'm sure I'll pick up the desire to read again shortly as I start working at my church library this coming weekend. I need to pick up Karen Kingsbury's latest book. I'm in the middle of reading her "Firstborn" series.


I just started Prep, because my daughter wanted to read it and I thought I'd check it out first.Not to sound like a suck-up but I'm reading your novel next as well. I'm also going back to novels I haven't read since high school: Great Expectations, My Antonia and Jane Eyre. It will be interesting to see if my take has changed any. Oh, and lots and lots of short fiction.


I felt sorta the same about Thin Place. It was a nice little novel, beautifully written, but....BUT....best book of the year? No way.

I just read Meg Wolitzer's The Position and really enjoyed it. Also, Alice Hoffman's Ice Queen, which is a big improvement on her last couple. And I am a hundred or so pages into Penny Vicenzi's No Angel and enjoying it tremendously.


I liked Prep. Actually I should say I was irritated by Prep, because I was irritated by the narrator, but I think that's the mark of really good fiction--when the character seems real enough that you want to grab her and shake her, hard.

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