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September 25, 2006



Heya. Not that anything short of a u/s will make you feel better, but I had BRIGHT RED spotting with two out of three of my pregnancies from about the five-week mark off and on until about ten weeks, and they both hung in there, although *I* almost died when I saw the words "threatened abortion" on my chart. It's a wretched kind of worrying that you get to do until you're in my shoes and telling someone else how it turned out okay, though, and I'm sorry.


Hey, feel free to freak out! How many times in life does one truly have a righteous excuse to do so?

If now isn't the time, I surely don't know what is.

[[hugs]] and [hand-holding]

Not to mention wringing....!


Ya know, the worrying never stops until they're married off and have their own kids! This is just the Universe's way of making sure you know that and to prepare you for a generous swath of worry.

Seriously though, your numbers look good. You just tell that little batch of sunshine to hang on!

Midwestern Deadbeat

Woo-hoo! Go, numbers! That's very good news. I will be obsessively checking in here for more.


737, now that has a nice ring to it! Hang in there.

And Margaret: worrying does not stop when they get married and move out. My son (the youngest, in his mid 30s, married 11 years) called last week to let me know that his youngest (18 months) was in the hospital with a first ever asthma attack that didn't respond to treatment. (!!!)

They are 2000 miles away and you'd think I'd be over the whole MOM thing after all these years.

Nope. He felt much better after unloading on his mother, but my day was ruined. Baby is just fine, now, but his parents aged 10 years and I need meds to deal with the future I can see but they can't (mercifully).....

Welcome to parenthood, Sweetie! You'll love it, honest.


Yea! for the number. And when I worked in the clinic, many women had the spotting and they were fine.

Everyone else is right. That worrying never ends.

is it Friday yet?


Glad the folks dropped in...and I understand all too well about the spotting. Your numbers look great and I hope this is it for you!

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