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October 08, 2006



I am so sorry that everything is so shitty right now. I know there's nothing I can do or say to make it better, but if there was, I would do it.

Screw the guilt - the anger is probably the most effective tool you have right now. Just let it out and allow Brando to help you through it.

Once again, I am so very sorry.


Don't ever feel guilty for the way you feel. They are your feelings and you are entitled to them.

I love you and am here if you want to talk, or hug or just yell :).


I am so very sorry, Rebecca. I am thinking of you, and wishing there was something I, or anyone, could do to help.


Please don't feel bad about feeling bad, Beck. No one can live in your skin but you -- and no one can really understand what you're going through, so don't feel like you have to make them understand. Just remember that you have people who love you, no matter what.

Brendan Keefe

Well, you said it yourself: Talking to children is frustrating. They're unresponsive and inattentive. This activity may also result in massive cramps and bleeding, and inevitably leads to endless driving around.

Gallows humor. We try.

Hang in there. I promise, it will get better. Somehow.


Oh honey, I'm sorry.

Midwestern Deadbeat

Wow. I'm blown away by this post. It's...wonderful. So fearless and honest. I'm so glad you put even the "ugly emotions" out there. We've ALL experienced them, for many different reasons, and you are far from a terrible person.

When you find that you can stomach one of the people you need to avoid right now (and btw, you should NOT feel guilty about that), say the word, and I'm there! I'm a good listener, and I'll bring chocolate. And I can also tell you how foul and terrible my heart is, and then maybe you can at least feel better by comparison.

Much love.

Ceylon Sapphire

This entry brought tears to my eyes and brought me out of hiding.

Despite appearances, I do understand how you feel. I wish I could take away the pain that you are feeling now. The emptiness. The feelings of not really belonging to the human race. Feeling like you are defective.

The pain wont ever really go away, rather, it will lessen with time. Until it rears its ugly head and Wham! its there again. *sigh*

Empty words. What can you say to the broken hearted? Nothing. I just wish it had been different for you and Brandon.



Oh, Buf...

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