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November 08, 2006



Oh sweetie, that SUCKS. Damn. I really hope next year is like a total 180 for you!


I am so sorry. Doesn't it feel like the worst year ever? Except for the elections, I will be so happy to see the end of this year.

If it's any concession, you look so punk rock with that finger bandaged.

Motel Manager

That SUCKS! I hope that the universe realizes it owes you spades and spades of good luck ASAP.


Can you still be punk rock if you cut yourself gardening?

I so hate typing one-handed.


Absolutely. You just have to pretend like you don't really care about your gardening and wear an old Misfits t-shirt while you're doing it.

Adorable Girlfriend

You can totally still punk rock!

Geesh, TLB it's been a bad year. The upside is that we won the house and the senate last week and you have a wonderful husband and family. That counts for a lot!!

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