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December 29, 2006



I know we still have a couple days left, but can we just get this year over with already? I'm sitting here flipping double birds to 2006 for both of us.

I hope 2007 is as good as 2006 was bad for you.

Oh, and I'm thinking in baby talk right now looking at your pretty kitty.

traca de broon

I'm ready to say good-bye to 06, too. It wasn't a bad year for me, really, just sort of...eh. A year of very slow transitions. But we had good times, too--like that time you carried me with one arm down Dubuque Street, after we'd had a few.

Hope you and Brando are showered with good fortune in 07. I also hope you come visit us.

teh l4m3

Okay, my 2006 was nowhere near as traumatic as that (I'm pretty sure 2004 was a bit worse.)

But happy new year anyway. I'm sure it'll get better. Especially with such a hot hubby!


Ah, yes, these are the things that get me through the day, teh.

Adorable Girlfriend

Funny, AG pictured Mr. TLB so differently.

Happy 2007!!


What, you don't like his post-gym outfit and nerd headset for the Xbox?

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