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December 19, 2006



I'm sure that Saundra will live on through your Christmas traditions. What a beautiful tribute to her.

Merry Christmas. And may the new year bring joy and peace to us all.


What a sweet post. Your tree looks so much better than mine. We go and cut ours down at a farm and this year, I don't think I sawed it very well. It's a total leaner.

Adorable Girlfriend

Did you ever ask how she managed to get Uncle Bill to wear the suit?

Merry Christmas to you and Brando! May the new year bring you much love and joy.


I'll bet Uncle Bill took secret glee in surprising us...I was thinking about Saundra today while I was making truffles -- she would have liked some. And I would like some of her cornflake wreaths. In her corner of the cosmos, I'm sure she's got a tree decorated with unicorns, "Legend" playing on her VCR, and a hot elf rubbing her shoulders. (=


what a GREAT story! and i would bet she'd be proud of your very pretty tree.


Merry Christmas. This is exactly the sort of story that Christmas is about for me.



What a beautiful tribute. Merry Christmas.

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