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May 02, 2007



You're right about all of this, Rebecca. While driving around yesterday, I heard the teaser for Talk of the Nation, addressing the same subject, and decided it would be too sad to listen to.

I think newspapers in general are making all the wrong decisions about where to cut -- investigative reporting and on-site bureaus being my two biggest complaints -- and they're completely missing the idea that quality will sell. Like you, I love blogs, but I also like to read the work of people who do journalism for a full-time job.

As I've ranted about numerous times on my own blog, I think the main problem is that (big) newspapers tend to be publicly owned, and so the short-term point of view of the big players in the stock market tends to rule the day. We'll have to wait to see how it all plays out, but I'm not optimistic.


I see your blog doesn't permit hyperlinks in the comments. Anyone who wants the particular references that I made to my rants: please write for details.


Amen. I love the book review sections in newspapers. Blogs just can't compete.

Brian Hadd

"Sea Oak" says comebacks is zombie. Blog!

Bluestalking Reader

Even being a book blogger/indie critic I'm devastated at the loss of the book section. It's a travesty. Though I think the blogs are magnificent, there's something about that print medium.

I am happy my own local Chicago 'Tribune' is one of the few holdouts, though, even if it is moving its Books section to Saturdays.

Crazy world, who'd have imagined the papers would stop caring about books?

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