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August 13, 2007



Beautiful view. Glad you had fun, despite the weather.

traca de broon

Hey, nice hair color!


Wow. The sun really did a number on your forehead. I bet it feels a little weird complaining about the heat when you know what awaits you in a few short months. I know I do, but I complain anyway.


traca, that isn't me in the pic--that's my sister, Rachel. I'm still a blonde.

Thanks Churlita. You must have been dying in the IC. We were watching the Weather Channel all week--my dad's favorite program.

traca de broon

Ah. Well, you're nice blonde, too. Just shows it's been too long since I've seen you.

Motel Manager

Welcome back! It has been boiling hot here, too. Even Mark wants to spend most of his time indoors.

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