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October 09, 2007



I'd have to go for the dog.

I think Grizzled and I have actually had this conversation before. We've certainly had many like it.

I remember asking him if he had to choose, which Kratt Brother would he rather go out with. My sister was amazed he answered. I think he knows the only way to stop my progression of insane questions is to answer as soon as possible. :)


Aw, Brando says the sweetest things.


What's a Kratt Brother? There is a whole game involving these kinds of questions.


Chuckles- the Kratt Brothers are animal educators (like Jeff Corwin, but aimed more at kids). My girls used to watch their Zooboomafoo on PBS or whatever it was called...


I didn't realize they were mutually exclusive.


Yes, it's always a laugh riot around here.

Thanks for stopping by, guys, even though I'm not nearly as funny as Brando.


A thread on animal ass-licking. This should give you a horrifying insight into the kind of people that hang around the Lovely Brando's place.


How bad can it be? I have seen both my cat and my dog lick their own asses more than once. They keep coming back for more, and you are telling me you are not in the least bit curious...

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