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February 04, 2008



That little voice once probably told you you would never get this fr into a pregnancy before, so now you know you can ignore it.


There's nothing quite as destructive to the writing process as that little voice telling you you're not good enough, give it up, don't bother.

That little voice appears in any creative endeavor. You do indeed need to ignore it. I find it easier if I just focus on the creative buzz I feel in my body. It's more truthful than the voice. Plus... you've got that creative buzz going in spades! How great that you're feeling movement! Just wait until you can see the movement and your stomach shifts from one side to the other or you see the impression of a heel streak across your mid-section. Very cool.

Best of luck with your ultrasound. My girls have the same profile I saw in their ultrasounds and those weren't even 3D. I bet your images will be awesome.


The whole Manning thing kinda freaks me out, too. Especially when my kids tell me Daddy's on TV.

Good luck Friday, and drive CAREFULLY.


best of luck today TLB and Brando! we're thinking of yuo and waiting to hear the good news!

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