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February 24, 2008



i know what you mean about Possession. as byatt blows me away.

i thought i'd given up on mcewan, but maybe i'll give cement garden a shot...


don't read amsterdam. save yourself.


"... 'Possession' made me wonder if I should even bother writing anymore."

Don't you hate that feeling? "Mystic River" convinced me to abandon all hope of ever writing a mystery, John McPhee constantly reminds me that my essay essays will never amount to anything, and there is also some circle-jerker on the Web who has crushed my desire to try to blog funny.

Thanks for the reading recommendations, though.


I loved TCG for all its delicious creepiness. I'm also a big fan of Barbara Vine, who writes in this deeply, darkly psychological way.

Will look forward to your thoughts on Byatt.


Hi I liked your note, add your site to your bookmarks.

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