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June 26, 2008


the other beck

Oh Buf, she's absolutely beautiful!


Isn't it funny how fast you're ready to kill for your beautiful baby? -- I think that's why anesthesiolgists have unlisted numbers. The whole psuedo-crucifixion thing is very unnerving -- I was explaining it to Molly and she said "Why don't they just knock you out?" Ah, children can be so wise!

She is lovely, and I can't wait to meet her.


wow; got your money's worth in labor huh?!
i like the story. hilarious!
also, max says she's so cute he wants to be her brother!
she *is* pretty dang cute.


oh my effing god! TEN POUNDS! you poor woman.

and the stadol is horrible. I hallucinated.

congrats again, and thx for the epic! She's lovely.


i meant the pic, not the epic. but thx for that too : )


Congratulations!! Your daughter is beautiful...


Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!

I've experienced that Stadol drunken stupor...and the ensuing c-sections.

Take it easy during recovery and enjoy parenthood!

Lisa Guidarini

Loved your account, and totally sympathize on all points. Between my three experiences w/ childbirth I've had the pleasure of everything except a c-section. I've had the epidural wear off, and the spotty coverage... Oh, that's loads of fun. I was given demerol, which knocked me out. I was pretty much hallucinating through my daughter's birth.

Libby's beautiful, so glad she's here!

Oh, and we're looking at cabins in the UP as I type. Thanks for the tip!


Libby is absolutely adorable (I checked out the photo Brandon posted, too)! I'm so happy for all of you.

motel manager

What meds had they given the anesthesiologist that morning? Ibuprofen? Sheesh -- that is a big mistake.

She is totally beautiful!!


At least they didn't give you the wrong kind of meds that could have hurt you or the baby. Jeesh! That's scary.

I'm so glad you are both healthy and happy. You and Brando are going to be the best parents ever.

Ceylon Sapphire

Im sorry.... *snort* I wanted to write something totally inspiring and mushy, totslly befitting the birth of a child... but Im still laughing at the final couple of sentences:

I will kill for you. Please ask me to kill for you. Start with the anesthesiologist.

Congratulations of the safe arrival of Libby, and welcome to parenthood... the ongoing guiltfest that makes Jewish mothers look tame.....


Well done!

Adorable Girlfriend

She is beautiful. Much love to three of you as you begin this wonderful journey together.

Is it a bad time to bring up the issue of reading the sono incorrectly?!!!


Thanks everyone!

AG, you can tease me all you want--I've never been so happy to be wrong.

Adorable Girlfriend

It's weird because I knew it was a girl. I just felt it. If I don't tell anyone, I am usually correct. I am also usually the first one to know someone is pregnant because I can see it. I am trained to notice these things. :)

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