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December 09, 2008


the other beck

still livin' vicariously out here in bakeryland...


It's like how fast you can wash dishes when your baby is napping now, where it took twice as long to do them when you were childless.


True, C. You should see me whip through the vacuuming too.

Beckster, I'm still impressed that you have three kids and manage to be sane.

the other beck

I keep thinking about your recent burst of creative productivity ... do you think maybe it could be that, finally, everything is right in your world?


Maybe a little, but I still think most of it is that I have to manage my time better, because I don't have the option of putting it off. I'm really just kind of a head case like that.


I'm right there with ya, sister! Managed to do a 400-page novel revision in the first 18 months of my girls' life AND update a blog regularly, AND be busier at work than I ever had before. I think it's common among ambitious and overachieving types to be more productive when there's more going on. (To a point, of course....)

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