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August 24, 2010



But I think it's also a Midwestern problem.

I would agree.

And I bet this book was fun to write! Can't wait to read it.


Awesome post...And so very true. I haven't taken a fiction writing course since the 80's. I bet you do get overloaded with Vamp fiction (ugh). When I was in school at Iowa, all the stories were about young (good) kids from small towns who move to college towns and get corrupted. Snore.

So excited to read your novel.


can't wait to read your bad girl : )


Thanks all. The countdown begins...


I went into Prairie Lights to see if I could reserve a copy of your book. They hadn't ordered any yet, so they told me to come back in about a month. However, Paul was so excited about it, that he gesticulated wildly. I thought you'd want to know that....


WOW! Wild gesticulating from Paul Ingram. I am truly honored...

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