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November 16, 2010


Bryan Bonwich

Hi Rebecca,

I recently enrolled in your Iowa workshop in June. Thought I might learn a little more about you.

Being myself a socialmediaphobe, I had the opportunity to help a friend launch a business consulting start-up that focuses on social media. In the process, one of the big lessons I learned was that all these fears you mention in your post - being perceived as obnoxious, too self-promoting, stalkerish - all of them WILL come true. Part of the social media experience is stepping on a lot of toes, upsetting a lot of previously established norms, being scoffed at as a 'noob'. Afterwards, you should find the benefits outweighing the costs. Think of the web2.0 landscape as a playground. Try stuff out and don't be too afraid to make mistakes.

Good luck


Hi Bryan--nice to hear from you. Yes, of course there are people I'm annoying by having a separate public Facebook page (a writer friend recently made a not-so-cryptic reference to the fact that she does not plan to start one for herself) but I so prefer keeping that part of my social-media self separate from my private self, I couldn't bring myself to take it down. If people don't want to subscribe to my public page they don't have to, so it's only for folks who have chosen, out of interest for my novels, to be there.

Lots of VERY successful writers (including, I noticed recently, Jennifer Egan) have them. I may still be ambivalent about it, but these days, when writers have to be marketers too, you need all the help you can get.

Will look forward to meeting you this summer!

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